Sifnos local events

Sifnos is the homeland of Chef Nikos Chelementes. He was born in the village Exabella and grew up in Athens where he finished High School. This has given to the island a culinary culture and a disposition towards gastronomic quality.

Every year, in September, a three day “Nikolaos Tselementes” Cycladic Gastronomy Festival takes place. Thanks to the cooking pots produced in the island, two local recipes have become renowned. The first is “Mastelo” that took its name from the namesake pot used to cook the meat and the second is “revithada”. Other traditional dishes are : salad with locally produced capers, chickpea balls, honey-pies, almond cookies, pastelli


For the Sifnians, keeping the old customs is a rite. From the greatest celebration to… the smallest feast. In Sifnos every month we "celebrate" the feast of at least one of the hundreds of country churches and monasteries of the island.

The feasts are rich and are intended for everybody. They are organized by simple citizens, that the Sifnians call “panigirades”. In order to show their gratitude to the Saints, the Sifnians undertake to preserve the icon for an entire year. Even today, over three hundred icons are housed out of the churches, in the houses of the faithful, on the island or even outside it! The day of the feast, the “panigiras” returns the icon to its church. After vespers, there is a feast with lots of food and wine. The feast lasts until the small hours of the morning with dances, songs and improvised poems of thanks and wishes for the “panigiras”.