• Only 2,5 km from Chrisopigi’s cape, where one can find the homonymous monastery of Panagia of Chrisopigi. The more adventurous ones will enjoy diving off the rocks, while others will take advantage of the crystal clear sea. At a short distance from Chrisopigi’s cape, there are two fabulous beaches, Apokofto on the left side and Saoures on the right side. A picturesque path will also lead you to Faros, a village located only 20 minutes on foot from Chrisopigi.
  • Just 13 km from the ancient capital of the island, visitors have the opportunity of attending Castro, a location considered nowadays as one of the most beautiful and important medieval settlements. Right at the entrance of the town there are two churches of Agios Stefanos and Agios Ioannis Kalivitis, in which the famous School of Agios Tafos ran from 1687 to 1835, known as "the Educational Institute of the Archipelago." It is also worth visiting the Church of the Seven Martyrs (or Eptamartyros) built seaside, under the hill of Castro.
  • 17 km from Agios Sostis, in the old silver mines of the island, which is rumored to be the oldest in the world, existing since the third millennium BC)
  • Only 12 km from the Mycenaean citadel of Agios Andreas (13 BC). A museum, which houses the finds discovered during excavations, expects visitors at the entrance of the site.
  • Just 15 km from the rocky coast Poulati, which can be found in front of the chapel of Panagia of Poulati, a church of private propriety built in 1870.