Sifnos nightlife

In Apollonia, Artemonas, Kastro, Platys-Gialos, Chrysopigi, the visitor can enjoy an evening walk through the traditional, narrow stone-paved streets with the old mansions and their courtyards with the limy joints and the small gardens, or can visit the coastal settlements to drink coffee or enjoy ouzo by the seaside or sitting in balconies looking over the sea. One can also combine walking with buying handmade jewelry, books, souvenirs, local sweets, and pottery (in some places the pottery exhibitions are next to the workshops, where the visitor can watch in person how the potters give shape to the clay.

In the evening, Sifnos "is on its best togs” and gets ready to cover all tastes: Traditional taverns serving local dishes, fish-houses, restaurants, titbit-taverns, patisseries, café bars, cake-shops, stay open till late at night to serve every visitor. And for the night owls, there are bars and night clubs with Greek and foreign music in almost all the villages of Sifnos.